Our boat SEA WIND is a Fantasi 37 built 1979 by the Jacobssons boat builders at Källviken on the west coast of Sweden. Design by Knut Jacobsson. She is number 26 of 82. They were all built during 1976 to 1986 except for two built in 1996. The
Fantasi 37 has always been built on order only, and depending on various requirements and needs from the different owners the interior design can vary from one boat to another. SEA WIND however is pretty much a standard version.

In general the Fantasi 37 is a typical blue water cruiser from from the mid seventies. She has a heavy displacement, long keel, aft cockpit, a rather spacious saloon, a u-shaped galley and a large chart table. The cockpit arrangement does not provide space for a huge aft cabin but instead the aft cabin contains two separate and comfortable bunks, perfect in rough sea in our opinion. We use the fore peak with full head room as "master bedroom" when in port or at anchor, and the aft cabin at sea. The main saloon is perfect for socialising with new and old friends and the U-shaped pantry provides a safe and secured area for cooking at sea as well as in port. The large long side chart table is used standing up and provides plenty of storage space underneath. With the long keel and heavy displacement together with a low center of gravity she performs very well in heavy sea conditions. We feel that both the cockpit and and spaces underneath are providing a safe and comfortable environment even during difficult conditions.

Nevertheless, every boat is a compromise in terms of size, performance and layout but the Fantasi 37 fits our bill very well. If you would like to know more details about SEA WIND please click on the link ABOUT SEA WIND

About the crew

Born 1961 in Gothenburg. My dad once said "when you can swim 200 meters I will get you a boat". Consequently I had my first boat when I was 6 years old. Sailed and raced various dinghies until I realized I wanted to stretch my horizons beyond the racing course. 

Born 1968 in Sollentuna north of Stockholm. A true adventurer with diving as one of her big passions. Loves the oceans both above and under the surface. Totally fearless and sees no end beyond the horizon.